Monday, November 30, 2015

Title of a lifetime

Monday 30112015
It's been 11years.
I have been a mom for 11 years.
Gosh. I feel old. This guy here gave me the job post that changed my entire life.
Which is made of so many responsibilities and emotions that has no boundaries and no annual leave or breaks! Heck, not even paid salary! It's the other way around, really! Surprisingly a lot of spending caused by this guy.
But for what it's worth, i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. He is my star, my moon, my reason for living, for surviving, for moving forward, for improving. Drive me nuts but the same time keep me grounded.
Sorry for being so hard on you, sometimes. May u grow to be a khalifah and saviour to me and your ayah, and your siblings, here and thereafter.
Happy 11th birthday my dear. Mommy loves you with every inch of my isi, lemak, dan kulit. Hugs.


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