Monday, October 31, 2011

Low Lying Placenta

So now we know why I bleed almost once in two weeks.
Went to Prof Siti this afternoon, and she discovered that a portion of my placenta actually lying below the sac.

I have been bleeding quite regularly during this pregnancy.
It's like I can easily bleed after a 4 hours traveling back to hometown..
After taking the staircase to 2 floors down from my office just because I hate waiting for the lift..
Even after a weekend of window shopping, walking around the mall with hubby and kids!

Although I'm already at 16 weeks, Prof said that I have to be extra careful.
It's not in the placenta previa stage yet, because my placenta is not all located at the bottom.
Mostly is above the baby-sac, but they're like partially circling the sac at the moment.
Like a "C" shape.
Prof called the lower part of the placenta, the "tail" and that's what's currently placed below the baby-sac.
And that "tail" may have been the cause for the regular bleeding.
I didn't bleed excessively, just a spot or two or three, of fresh red blood.

Prof said that there's no medicine to push it up.
No massage allowed either.
Just pray, pray and pray that it'll go up and the baby sac helps push it up too as it grows.

As for now, no heavy lifting.
No going up and down the stairs even for just one floor.
And no window shopping around the mall to my heart's content.
Unless if hubby willing to push me with the wheelchair, that is.. hehe..

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Johnny's worst role ever

The Tourist.
What more can I say?
Such a waste of film.
Anybody, just any other actor can pull this role.
I'd say this is by far wasting Johnny Depp's time and talent!
Yeah, so he got paid by acting, but shessshh.. what made him this desperate?
He has always picked the most creative roles of all time, and this just doesn't make the cut at all.
The pout-lipped Angelina Jolie noticeably looks healthy in this film, unlike in Wanted, but that's not the point.
I'm not sure if it is her being naturally 'cold' or that was what her role supposed to be.
But in the end, this film could freeze you to death because Johnny was not at all hot either.
Ok, so there were some twist here and there and the plot was something to be proud of.
But in the end, no press nor film critics could even confirm whether this was a drama or a comedy genre.
Johnny's attempt to be funny, just not funny at all.
Well, for what it's worth, at least you get the gawk at the beautiful Paris and enchanting Venice scenes.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A (sexy) manly reminder.. oh la laaaa..

Sounds (looks) kinky?
Not really.
Look at this as another approach in educating the women.
Yes, us, women.
What about?
Well, Breast Cancer, of course!
There has been several deaths this year, of those whom I personally knew, which related to breast cancer.
Although non were blood related to me, (and I am very much grateful to know that genetically I am free of cancer) all were shocking news, as they discovered at the critical cancer stage.
What happened to the curable 1st and 2nd stage?
My medical insurance covers for mammogram and pap smear screenings only at the age of 40 and above.
Forty years old?
Oh come on!
With this current lifestyle, unhealthy food, polluted air and water, don't cha think we need to revise that?
Early detection is crucial now.
We can't wait till 40, anymore.

And thanks to this video, which I can guarantee, us, women will gladly takes matters into our own hands.
Ohh laa laaaaa.. enjoy!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

2-day free accommodation anywhere in the world

If you were given a 2-day free accommodation at Hilton hotel located anywhere in the world, where would you go?




Hong Kong?

New York?


Or just stay in your own country?

Is it worth it to spent thousands on the return flight tickets to go across the globe, just because you get the 2-day free accommodation covered?
Is two days enough for overseas vacation?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011 - NZL wins by ONE point

All Blacks won the 2011 RWC, with the dramatic ONE point difference.
NZL 8 : 7 FRA

Well, that's what they say in sports, each and every single point counts!

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Rugby World Cup 2011 - another 5 minutes!

Time now 75:40
Score NZL 8 : 7 FRA

aaarrrrkkkkkk pleaseeee score FRANCE!!

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Rugby World Cup 2011

Final match France vs New Zealand is on air now.
Hubby supporting France, is out watching it with Juju and Fahmi.
Oh goshhh..
It's stressing me out watching this.

I bet the boys are feeling far worse.
Both teams are strong, but I can see that the All Blacks are monopolizing the game at the moment.
Time now 30:29
Score NZL 5 : 0 FRA

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Real Softy

Who would have thought a film about robots fighting would be so emotional?
Absolutely the best movie ever for 2011.
Yeah, steel serious, I'm telling ya!
Starring Hugh Jackman and directed by Shawn Levy, Real Steal is based on robots competing in boxing match.
No doubt, hunkalicious Jackman is indeed the perfect star for this role.
But the strength for the plot obviously came from Dakota Goyo, acting as his stubborn, yet determined son.
If you think that you're good in guessing the plot, well, think again, coz this film will unexpectedly gets to your deepest emotion.
Sound sappy, but that's my honest opinion.
Because I could cheer and scream with the crowd in the cinema. 
And for that, I'm giving no less than 5 stars rating!
Looking forward for seconds!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yeayyy!! Exams are over!

And I'm the happiest mom in the world!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Breathe in.. breathe out..

Oh I soooo need to stay calm.
Don't panic!
Amin came home today with comments on all his papers;
Maths paper was easy.
Jawi paper was easy.
Agama paper, not sure was easy or not but he didn't have time to finish it!
And he didn't even know how many questions more were at the back page.
Because he didn't make it pass the last page!

Puuufffff... inhale... exhale...
Breathe, mommy! Breathe!

It's not the end of the world yet.
Lets focus on tomorrow's paper, Science and English Language, shall we?

Monday, October 17, 2011

One day done, another 3 to go

Amin came home from school with looks no different than other days before.
Unlike other kids running like mad towards the school gate, Amin has always been the calm ones.
Taking his own sweet time, whilst I frantically stretching my neck to locate his whereabouts amongst the hundreds of swarming bees!
It's like eternity for me to wait for him today.
Must be due to my anxiousness of wondering how were his Bahasa Malaysia papers today.
Which he then simply replied "Easy, mommy"
That's it?
I almost choked whilst sending him off to school this afternoon and this the reply I got?
So much for mommy getting nuts over a seven year old taking his exams.
Silly mommy!

Tomorrow we will be having Maths, Agama, and Jawi..
Wish us luck !!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lets learn Arabic

Ok, lets think positive!
I have no Arabic knowledge at all.
That's why when Amin's exam week comes, I will be the one panicking like a crazy mad woman.
Thanks to my dear old friend Lisa, who's hubby Amir, willing to reply tons and tons of my WhatsApp messages about Arab language.

So now, I'm listing them all up here, so that both Amin and I can read out loud and memorises it.


Text book
ha-za       ki-taa-bun
ھذا كتاب
Exercise book
ha-za       daf-ta-run
ھذا دفتر
ha-zi-hi    mis-ta-ra-tun
ھذه مسطرة
ha-zi-hi    mim-haa-tun
ھذه ممحاة
ha-za       kho-la-mu  ra-soo-sin
ھذا قلم رصاص

ha-za       fas-li
ھذا فصلي
ha-za       baa-bun
ھذا باب
ha-zi-hi    naa-fi-za-tun
ھذه نافذة
ha-za       kur-siy-yun
ھذه كرسي
ha-za       mak-ta-bun
ھذه مكتب
ha-zi-hi    sab-buu-ra-tun
ھذه سبورة

School area
til-ka        mad-ra-sa-tii
تلك مدرستي
za-li-ka     mal-‘a-bun
ذلك ملعب
za-li-ka     mat-‘a-mun
ذلك مطعم
til-ka        du-ra-tul-mi-yaa-hi
تلك دورةالمياه
za-li-ka     mu-sol-la
ذلك مصلى
til-ka        mak-ta-ba-tun
تلك مكتبة
Flower Park
til-ka        ha-dii-kho-tun
تلك حديقة

House area
za-li-ka     sak-fun
ذلك سقف
za-li-ka     ji-daa-run
ذلك جدار
til-ka        saa-ha-tun
تلك ساحة
za-li-ka     mot-ba-khun
ذلك مطبخ
til-ka        ghur-fa-tun
تلك غرفة

My Family
ha-zi-hi    as-ra-tii
ھذه أسرتي
ha-za       a-bii
ھذا أبي
ha-zi-hi    um-mii
ھذه أمي
ha-za       a-khii
ھذا أخي
ha-zi-hi    ukh-tii
ھذه أختي

To other Standard One mommies out there, GOOD LUCK for tomorrow!

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