Monday, May 30, 2011

Whiteboard attack!

That's what happened when my kids got to the office.

They spend the whole half hour standing in front of the white board, and having fun with the black, red and blue markers.

Freely expressing whatever that came to mind.

Such fun being a kid, aye?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Say NO to Saggy LV Speedy..

..when you have HippieGal base shaper!
I almost forgot that I actually made a review on the purseforum, a year ago, until a friend recently asked me about my Speedy base shaper.
So I thought maybe I should just post it here in my blog.

The reason for this review was to share information regarding this HippieGal base shaper, made special for Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag.
My thread was in the Louis Vuitton subforum, dedicated for all the LV Speedy lovers/ seekers worldwide.
Just to get that clear because I have no intention to boost or whatsoever, so, if you're feeling annoyed with this, so, beat it!

Having said that, let's get started, shall we.

Here is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25, which I recently bought for my mom's birthday.

I am very picky and fussy about bags, and Speedy is no exception.
I initially fallen for Speedy due to the boxy looks of it, and knowing that I inherited this 'picky' genes from my mom, I was sure that she would prefer the same look too.
So, I bought the HippieGal base shaper size 25 before handing over this LV to her.

It successfully gave the structured look to the Speedy, besides adding more interior compartments for better organization.

I have 3 LV Speedy.
(Yeah, you should know by now that from my collection of Coach Sabrina and Coach Poppy Pocket Hobo, that I tend to get the bags design that I like, in multiples)
The Watercolour Aquarelle White 35, Mirage Noir 30 and Sprouse Roses 30.
And I bought both sizes of HippieGal base shaper to suit them all.

Here's the Louis Vuitton Watercolour Aquarelle White Speedy 35, fully loaded with my usual stuffs and without the base shaper inside.
Look at how ugly the uneven sagging.

I stuffed her up with the beige coloured HippieGal base shaper size 35.
If you go to the HippieGal website, you will not see base shaper size 35 for sale.
This is because it is not as in demand as others sizes.
But have no fear, coz Sutanya (the maker) will make it for you immediately, upon request.

Enabling the Speedy 35 to transform to a beautifully shaped swan!

Next, is the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Roses Speedy 30, fully loaded with my usual stuffs, without the HippieGal base shaper inside.

I choose the red HippieGal base shaper just for the dramatic look.. bwahahha
Oh by the way, the HippieGal base shaper comes in red, black, brown, khaki/ beige and white.

Completely loving the speedy look inside and out!

Now, this comes the tricky part.
Louis Vuitton Mirage Noir 30, as I mentioned before here, this Speedy has a thicker canvas layer compared to other LV Speedy.
Hence, although it is the size 30, the HippieGal base shaper size 30 cannot fit inside it.
Behold, the over-flowing HippieGal.

Since I also have the base shaper size 25, I thought I might give it a squeeze inside the Mirage Noir 30.
It fits, but create an inch loose gap on the interior portion.

No worries here.
Seriously, the Mirage Noir 30 is thick enough, it can really stay in its shape as by herself, without any base shaper.

That's all about HippieGal base shaper.
I am not affiliated to it in any way.
Just doing a community service here..
(Although it'd be great if I got paid too.. bwahahha )

Hope this helps.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : CHANEL massively in production


(pics from

Saturday, May 21, 2011

There should be a "Captain" in there somewhere

Jack Sparrow..
Captain Jack Sparrow to be exact !
I can't comment on this movie.

I'm deeply in love with Depp.
So, I will be totally buyers.
Despite the fact that Arif ended up playing at the aisle.
Despite the fact that my sister in law slept her way through the movie.
I will rate this as fabulous!
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, is the forth instalment of this Jerry Bruckheimer production.
Their first was in year 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.
Followed by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in 2006.
Quick trilogy sequel the following year with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.
So you see, after 4 years of searching and waiting for Depp's movie, (sorry coz I'm not loving him in "The Tourist"), how do you expect me to not be smitten with Jack Sparrow?
Unlike all previous series, this forth franchise was not directed by Gore Verbinski.
Rob Marshall took this one up and sorry to say, but I do feel like some scenes are just not relevant and actually not even needed at all.
For instance, the Spanish intervention.
It's really not that crucial to say the least as the Fountain of Youth could also be destroyed by the men fighting anyways, same approach, aye?

And what better way to finish off the 2 and a half hours movie date, other than dive into the Fountain of Ice Cream?
Mango Sorbet for Amin.
Raspberry Sorbet for Arif.
Thank you Acik Hajar for the wonderful outing!
Let's do Kung Fu Panda 2, next Saturday, ok!

(pics googled from the net)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Hubby-less..

..for the next 10 days!

He's visiting the holy land, performing umrah with mil.
May their journey be safe and pleasant.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

There are three teachers that I will remember forever.
The first is my Standard 1 teacher.
Her name is Puan Siti Khadijah.
We called her Cikgu Khadijah.
She is the nicest and sweetest human being I have ever met.
Now I believe that all Standard 1 teacher should be that way because she was the reason that I love going to school sooo much!

The second teacher is my Standard 5 teacher.
Her name is Puan Fatimah.
And I hated her so much.
She gave tons and tons of homework, and very very fierce.
Scared the shit out of every student.
She made me terrified to go to class.

The third teacher is my Standard 6 teacher.
Her name is Puan Azizah.
And she turned the whole terrible standard 5 experience upside down.
She not only made learning fun, but also made sure all of us in her class got straight A's in the UPSR.
We (me and my Standard 6 classmates) loved here so much that we stayed in contact with her until we finished high school!

To all the teachers in the world, I would like to say thank you for everything.
Your tolerance with students is unmeasurable and may Allah blessed you for your dedication and kindness.

Happy Teachers Day!

(pics googled from the net)

I'm kinda lost, at the moment

Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel lost?
Like, is this it?
Am I going to do this forever?
It's not actually 'bored' to be exact.
It's more like being lost.
Plain lost.

So, what actually did you do when you hit this moment of lost-ness?
Well, my first step in finding answers, was, basically using the nearest and closest thing to me - my iPhone4, and googled "Feel Lost".
Yeah, tell me how lame that was.
Hey, give me credit ok, for actually still able to think when hit by this lost mode.
Anywayyy, wow, being google, it came out with 202 million results.
Errkk.. this oughta kill my 'lost' time indeed!
So, since I was lost, I simply scroll down the list..
Found out that major links (those that appears on top of most commonly related to it), state that "feeling lost" is actually associated with depression.

Urrggghh.. ok.. now that sounds soooo serious and dangerous too.
Nope, I don't want to be in depression mode.
Coz, I am not really that depressed.
Ok.. continue scrolling google lists..
Flip a few pages, and walllllaaaahhh!!!
Found this!

Absolutely the thing that I was looking for.
I need a change..
What should I do next?

Get a new haircut?

Get a new hair colour?

How about a body tattoo?

Buang tebiat ke ko, Aida oiiii!!
Ok, I heard you, my dear friends.. this is not it.
I know.

Perhaps, change my tudung style?
From this;
 To this;

Change my daily workout routines?
From this;

To this;
Hey, commuting back and forth to work is a workout routine, ok!
I had to walk to/ from the station, up/ down the stairs and not to mention standing for the rest of 18 minutes per journey.
I sweat doing that, you know.
Although not drenched in sweat, but still, healthy routines, right?

So what's next?

Hmm.. maybe I need to revamp my handbags collection?
So, this is where it's heading, huh?

(pics googled from the net)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Woven bag done right

(pics from purseblog)

Monday, May 09, 2011

Hats Gallore !

Sorry peeps.
I'm still in the British Royal Wedding mood.
Was glued to the tv watching the reruns with my aunt last night.
Ohhhhh, such a lovely wedding! Awwww..

Ok, enough said, I just wanted to post pics of the hats worn by some of the lady-guests, as captured by the paparazzi and posted online.

Of course, we cannot understand whats the fuss is all about.

Until we embraced the British culture.

It is impolite for British men to wear hats indoors, especially in churches, but when it comes to women, the tradition dates back to the time when the Anglican Church required ladies to keep their heads covered in Church, much like other religions still do to today.

But now, the hats are called facinators.

So, you get the point of why it is to be facinated for.

Only a British-born-fashionistas will be able to appreciate all these.

Because the facinators used are not just for fun.

It actually matches the whole outfit and brings it to life.

Mad Hatter must be sooo proud!

(pics googled from the net, but mostly obtained from


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