Sunday, September 14, 2014

Here's my version of the so called HCG diet

What is HCG?
I seriously do not know.
But of course, I googled it and I studied it, and I made notes of it.
Lets keep it easy to understand, it is a low calorie dietary plan.
Now, being a naive person that I am, I do not calculate calories.
Heck, for me it is just impossible to note on each calorie intake.
So therefore, I calculate weight.
Hey, if u want to loose your weight, so, it's fair that you weigh your food intake.

How did I ever began my journey of loosing weight?
Through reading Redmummy's blog and her achievements.
I'm not gonna lie.
I envied her.

Now that I made the intro, lets get to the core part.
No carbs 
No sugar
I will not elaborate on this coz I know you readers are all grown up, so, stop whining!

Must take minimum of 3L plain water a day
And THREE bijik fruits per day for your body sugar needs
But fruits are limited to either apples/ pear/ guava/ strawberries/ berries/ sour mangoes only
No pisang (banana)
No mempelam manis (sweet mangoes)
No durian
No watermelon
No limau mandarin (oranges)
No matter how naturally grown they are, these fruits listed are high in calories and sugar content.

Just eat proteins and vegetables
Safe if u can cook them yourselves
As u need to control the oil usage.

Steamed shrimp with fresh garden salad, baby tomatoes, capsicum, lemon squeeze, salt and pepper.
Your first 25 days (Day 1 - Day 25th)
Must not use oil at all when cooking. 
No milk, eggs, and cheese too.
No tomato sauce
No chilli sauce
No mayonaise
No thousand island 
No mustard
No kicap! (soy sauce)
These all have high sugar and oil content!
Weigh your proteins intake.
It should be about only 300gm - 400gm.
You can easily estimate from the market packaging.
Not that hard when you get use to it, just the size of your palm, well, my palm that is.
And make sure you remove all the skins and fats too.
You can take Chicken / Beef / Lamb / Fish / Squid and Shrimp
No salmon.
No prawns.
No crabs.
There are many ways for you to cook them proteins and vegetables.
Steamed / Grilled / Baked / Boiled
I usually marinated my chicken / beef / lamb with rosemary, lemon, salt and pepper and BBQ sauce.  Read the contents, as some BBQ sauce has no sugar, so I bought and used that.
And as for the fish, I like to wrap mine in tin foil, stuffed together with salt, pepper, lemon, asparagus, chilli flakes and asam keping.  Oh the juice was just heavenly yummehhh.
Warm beef or chicken soup is simply the best and easiest to make too.

Like me, similar with Redmummy, I too have that magical pan, where I can put everything, both vege and proteins into it and leave it to cook.
Advisable that you cook several types of dishes and store them up in containers for easy grab and go.

How and When to eat them?
Lunch and Dinner only.
Yes, twice a day.
So, what do you do when you're hungry?
Eat fruits, and drink water.
Drink. Drink. Drink lots of plain water.
Munch. Munch. Munch on the fruits.
I usually cut 2 bijik fruits in the morning, sprinkle some salt and put it in zip lock bag to work.
I took some as breakfast and the rest as tea.
Another fruit I ate at night, as supper.
Because of this diet, this was my first time buying avocados.  Really! Haha..
Yeah sure you can take them but NO SUGAR.
And remember, this does not count as part of your water intake.
You still need that minimum 3L plain water.
Supplements, yes, during this phase, I took B-Complex and Vitamin-C everyday to keep me energised.  
You should take supplements too.
The first 4 days of your diet, you will be the toilet most regular visitor.
Dont be shy, you must go and pee.
And you will sweat like you've been doing the marathon.
This shows that your body is reacting to the new diet regime.
So be happy! 
Although you felt like wanting to eat a horse, control yourself, and keep muching the fruits.
It'll get better during the 5th day.

On day 14, try the only apples day. 
This means whole day, no food, except just SEVEN bijik green apples.
And water water water.
Sounds impossible.  But it is doable.
One day only. Detox day.
In the case that you don't like green apples, yeah, sure, red apples are cool.  But take just FIVE bijik.
Beef pepperoni and rosemary baked chicken, with fresh garden salad, capsicum, avocado, lemon squeeze, salt and pepper

The following 25 days : (Day 26th - Day 50th)
No carbs
No sugar
Yeah, stop whining already!
Still, must not gobble the proteins skin and fats.
And continue to weight the food intake too. 
But, you can start taking your proteins and veges in the form of fried, curry, masak lemak and asam pedas! 
See, I told you it will get better.

On Day 30th, you need to puasa makan (fasting).
Only drink and drink water from morning, till 6pm.
Take your dinner with a proper steak / lamb chop and vegetable.
This is your reward day!
Yeah, there's such thing as reward too.
And I took mine at Victoria Station, of course.
Day 51, you are done!
You can take the carbs and sugar back.
And you can stop measuring your food intake.
But I will guarantee you that you will do eat gradually and with grace.
Why? Because of all the weight you have lost, silly!
You will not gonna let all those effort go to waste.

I have lost a total of 8kg in 50 days.
I believe I was lucky because of the timing.
I started my diet near the Sya'aban month, and joining the Ramadhan, so it was pretty easy for me as I got to enjoy food like normal during the Syawal month.
If you asked me, I did not perform any exercise during my diet.
Well, just some daily sit ups and star jumps in the morning before shower, but that's just it.
However, I started afterwards.
After I completed the 50 days.
Then I started doing morning walks / jogs on alternate days.
Not much, just 3 rounds around the neighborhood, totaling to almost 2km each.
Maintain the 3L water intake.
And shed another 3kg in the next 30 days.

You have to remember that this is a healthy diet plan.
Not a crash diet
Do not exceed the timeline period.
25 days, first phase.
25 days, second phase.
If you wish to start again first phase, you need to wait after another 25 days of normality.
This means that you can't do the no carbs, no sugar, no oil, for more than one month.
Because this is not healthy for the body.

Always remember that there's no such thing as cheat day.
You have had your cheat day the rest of your lives, so this time, stick to it till the phase is over.
Oh, do weigh yourself every morning as soon as you wake up from sleep, everyday of this diet.
Thats the best time to measure yourself.
Not before bedtime.

So thats all of my secrets.
Which no longer a secret.
Determination is the key.
It's all up to you.
Still maintain my fruits intake, but now I can dip it in chocolate.. wuhuu!


  1. you take the hcg injection? Or u just practise the diet plan only?

    1. HCG injection has the fat burner solutioning. I took the fat burner supplements instead. Started with BioSlim, and then i took green tea. Now i am on garcinia. There's several fat burner supplements in the market. U need to see which suits u most

  2. This is my 3rd week. I've lost only 5 kg so it normal? I'm doing the 50 days cycle

    1. Congrats! Wow! Thats a lot really. I lost only 3kg for the first 3 weeks. But i noticed i shed significant inches here and there. I started loosing a lot of weight during second phase. I guess it started to slow then fast pace and now maintain rate. Good luck. Nothing is impossible

    2. Ooo in that case 3kg in 3 weeks is good enough. Am almost give up. After all the hard work only 3kg??

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