Monday, February 08, 2010

It's Mommy's turn..

It was Monday.
Like any other Mondays, it's a hectic start of the week.
Too many meetings, too many things to handle, too little time.
I'm just too tired already.
Looking forward to a relaxing time at home, after an hour stuck in the usual never ending after-office traffic.

Just mommy, baby, and his big-bro..
Daddy's outstation.
What could possibly go wrong?
Baby got fever.
Rushed to clinic.
Rushed back home.
Bathe the big bro.
Fed the big bro.
Fed baby.
Gave baby medicine.
Changed baby to sleep.
Kids glued to 'Backyard Science' at 552.
Oh thank god! 
Now mommy's turn.
Mommy showered. Mommy ate.
Big bro got homework.
Mommy tried to help.
Baby poured water on the bed.
Bed got wet.
Baby's pyjama got wet.
Mommy wiped water.
Baby grabbed colour pencils.
Baby snatched the homework.
They're quarrelling, yelling, throwing stuffs.
Mommy's crying.
Changed baby's pyjama.
Mommy's crying.
Changed bed sheet.
Mommy's crying.
Checked big bro's homework.
Mommy's crying.
Put baby to sleep.
Mommy's still crying.

Please Allah, give me the strength and the patience.. I really need it..

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