Tuesday, March 16, 2010


That's the common greeting, which means "Welcome" said by the workers in the store as you step your foot in..
Our usual sushi spot is Sushi King but this time, we decided to check this Sakae Sushi at KLCC.
After several plates..
..with Amin ended up eating 8 salmon sushi all by himself..
..and Arif, as usual, knocked out..
..I think this may be our first and last visit here.. 
Honestly, the staffs here were slow, and we waited for 30 minutes for our sushi salad to arrive.. and there's no sweet soy sauce available, which you had to ask for it and then took another few minutes to arrive.. So, hmm.. me not happy here.. case close! 


  1. personally i love love sakae sushi :)

  2. thanks for the positive feedback naddy..
    i think i just got unlucky that day..


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