Saturday, May 01, 2010

Iron Man 2 - simply WOW !

To my overseas buddies, EAT YOUR HEART OUT !!
Coz we, Malaysian, got to see it first!! Wehuuuuu!!
Iron Man 2 opens exclusively US-wide on 7th May 2010, whilst here in Malaysia on 30th April 2010 !!
All weekend shows are fully booked.
Very lucky indeed that we managed to get the tickets before it has been sold out, since 4 days ago!
No other words to describe it, rather than WOW !
And I say it again, backwords, WOW !
No, I'm not gonna spoilt it up for you other fans out there.. I'm not gonna reveal anything in here..
Here's Amin and hubby waiting for the credits to end.
So, just would like to remind you to wait till after the credits at the end of the show, because like before, there's always something related.. hehe

p/s: Happy Labour Day !!


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