Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Balloon Fest

It's like a funfair at Pavilion KL !
The Balloon Art Festival, from 4 - 15 June 2010..

Looked like a World of Balloons !!

Creative balloon displays everywhere !

Presenting, the main event, The Giant Balloon Ride !

No kidding, it indeed was a balloon ride..
..although only involved going up and down..
..and up and down again..

Gosh, I was super duper jealous !!
Really wished that I was between 3 to 10 yrs old and less than 30kg !

Arif was too tired to bother about it.
But did get a little excited seeing Mr. Ultraman..

..and Miss Clown, though.. hehe


  1. i x sempat bwk my kids...heard about the balloon fest!

  2. awww.. that's too bad..
    well, we didn't even know about this at all !
    it was indeed a coincidence that we end up going to pavilion yesterday! but still was a bummer that i couldn't get my kids to go onto the balloon ride!
    mak nyer yg lebih excited plak.. huhu..


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