Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not-so-quicky breaky

Whenever I have some spare time in the mornings, which means that if I'm slightly not so busy, I love to hang out at the riverside and have the my tosai rawa with fried squid, or as the Italian said, fried calamari.. hehe..


  1. Riverside view gittew....hahaha..I pulak teringat nasi lemak daun pisang la bebs! Takpun karipap pusing yg kat gerai atas tu...sedapnya!!!

  2. yezzeerrr.. riverside gitu! hahahah
    mcm sodap je bunyi nya kan?
    ada lagi beb nasi lemak tu and karipap, u can still come when u're back visiting us.. kalau sudi laa pon..


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