Sunday, July 04, 2010

Spring cleaning part 1

Coming from the top shelf of the closet..
..the unused Munawwarah tudung..
Can't remember when the last time I used them.
I've been buying Munawwarah ever since the Munawwarah era took over the tudung bawal phase.
Other than the latest styles, there are a few older style tudung known as Lina, where you have to fold at the cheek, and also several tudung selendang net too.
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  1. wow! u got all the colours...i pun before using Ariani...i pun guna munawwarah.. :-)

  2. oh don't tell me about it!
    ini baru kat my place.. blom selongkar yg kat my mom's lagi..
    byk sungguh tudungs ku ni..


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