Saturday, March 19, 2011

How many is too many?

I can't answer that.
Because when I like something, I tend to get them in multiples.
Be it shoes, clothes, scarves, handbags and even iPhone4 cover!
I think I inherit this from my dad.
Coz when he likes something, he will buy in 2 units, one to use, and one for spare.
Be it his car repair tools, knives, and especially fishing gadgets.
So, ok, that quantity 2 does not applicable to me, but, you get where the genes coming from.. haha..

Anyway, this came today.
One parcel only.
But with 5 thingy in the belly.
Can you guess what they are?
Maybe this picture will help.
See the fringe?
You got that right, Pashmina !!
Yes, it is the tudung fever all over again.
Remember my bling bling fever last year?
This time, it's shawl / pashmina.
Looks like an average plain coloured pashmina, huh?
Well, wait till you see this.
It's actually gradient shades!
Ohhhh, I lurvvvv it !!
How cool is that??
I'm so excited, I just have to blog about it.
It took me some time to find lovely gradient shaded pashmina like this.
So, that's why I have to buy them in multiples.
Making a début, presenting..
Me !
And the grey gradient pashmina !


  1. nak yang pink!!!! :P

  2. haha..
    cun giller kan??
    pink is my favourite!!

  3. hi daia,
    thanks for reading my blog!
    akak beli kat china!
    via ebay laa tapi.. hehe..

  4. Oooo... Thanks for sharing... Ok, nak g servey jugak... Btw, thanks for drop by kat blog saya...


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