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Spelling Bee anyone? The Alphabet Duck Collection

Friday 07102016
ThedUCkgroup launches their limited edition this month and this time the theme for it's collection is Alphabets.
I was very fortunate to have been invited and upon request by my followers, i just had to blog about it coz iG limits my caption.. and boy, i do have plenty to say.. hahaha..
Coz i am gonna be honest.
As promised to my followers.
I am blogging the review of #thealphabetduck collections that just launched.
Incase u are wondering, all stuffs are preorder -estimate siap by January 2017, except the #ducknotebook RM40 which you can purchase immediately
Square shawl larger than kalei square yg dulu, so, if u jenis yg mmg pakai square, please take note on this. I am not a square shawl wearer, thus, i tak beli any of them shawl. Tapi vivy yg kecik molek tu pon pakai tak nampak besar pon.


Material licin mcm matte satin. Bukan licin berkilats macam kalei square
Kalei square was RM220, but this is RM300. Overpriced, imho. As it is not even silk, nor satin silk even. But hey, up to your kemampuan lah yer. That's MY personal opinion.
As u can see, the alphabet on shawl is large. Tapi according to one of #theduckgroup iG posts  bila pakai tak nampak sgt alphabet tu. So, whats the point of having it? But then, ikut style pemakai lah.

Twilly RM120. Ada seketul duck metal charm sewn onto it mcm shawl.
The letters positioned kat hujung twilly so it will be seen clearly. Hence if u are into letters printing, this may attract you.


The price is the same as the songket twilly sold before, which i do believe it is overpriced in general because a premium duckscarves currently worth 10 bucks more than twilly.Shouldn't a twilly this small be much lesser? But of course, it is up to u lah kalau mampu and berkenan di hati, takde saper larang pon. Silakan.


 #dUCkbag Tote, RM400 is seriously overpriced. All coated canvas. And walaupun description kat website kata the handle is brown leather, it actually failed to mention that that's a PU leather. Plastic.

Since i am into local brands, if u noticed, when compared, this dUCkbag is much more flimsy actually. And exactly more than twice the price of other local brands tote bag, which also not made of leather.

The prints is actually mcm water colour effect, thus, not full clean finishing. Macam efek capek capek sket. Uneven shades. Atas bag, atas shawl, twilly, sama jer. Ala-ala beachy mode kot. I don't like. Sebab tak kemas and tak rich colours nya. Again, this is MY opinion. And nope, i tak beli anything.

I am a shopaholic and taksub with duckscarves but I splurge on things that i really love. And today, this collections don't scream at me. 
 Sorry D or vivy. 
Jangan kecik hati ngn i yer. 
Just my honest opinion. 
Don't ban me, ok.*wink*

But hey, if it sings your tune, go ahead.
I won't judge. #duckiesunited
You can pre-order this collection now at fashionvalet website
Honest ramblings from me.

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  1. ������... ❤ your review...n agree at your bag comment...mmg tak sesuai sangattt... sokong juge yg lelain tu... semakin mengarut. .. tapi hakak beli juge scarves tu sbb takut nyesal kemudian ������...ngehhhngehh ngekkk ��


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