Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feels like in Bali

...with waterfront concept..
..and double tiers umbrellas..
..this ambiance created to perfectly suit its name..
Balifeel, is an Indonesian concept restaurant, located at Bangsar South Complex.
 This is my favourite lunch spot.
I am sooo head over heels for the Lemongrass delight, RM5.50..
This is a mixture of carbonated water, lime and lemongrass.

..and will eat this and only this - Mee Jawa, RM8.90, sort of like noodles in thick spicy curry flavoured soup, with boiled eggs, squid, prawns, potatoes, tofu, and fishcakes as the ingredients.
..and sometimes, if I still have a little bit of space left inside my stomach, I will side ordered this, Rojak Buah (mix fruits/ vegetables with crunched nuts and thick sweet and spicy paste), RM 5..
Ooohhhhh.... Absolutely delicious...
Burp! alhamdulillah...


  1. YUM! I think food would be the best part about travel. You make me want to fly over there right now with all these yummy food posts! We don't get very much variety, all the Asian food restaurants are Americanized - so easier to make with cheaper ingredients, usually less flavorful, and flavors changed in ways the restaurant owners think will better please Americans. Someday I will have real Thai, and Japanese Sushi, and food from various regions in China, and anything you recommend in Malaysia. : )

  2. yes cz22!
    u have to come over!
    and i will personally take the week off to feed you!
    which then you will be the one that's extra "weight" luggage! hahaha

  3. green chilli siap beratur tueeeeee! cantik je tersusun..hehehee...if i dah habes belasah dah...coz i love it spicy!!! :D


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