Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Going to Tokio for free!

Not Tokyo, but TOKIO!
Yes, I'm talking about the group band, TOKIO HOTEL.
If you are not aware of the current music news, never fear, coz I am here to educate you.
Well, am educating myself too, to be exact!
I had no idea of this TOKIO HOTEL, until my sister kept ohh-aahhing over the fact that the group is coming to perform here in Malaysia.
Here's some facts I learned from the Sun Daily News and Wikipedia
  • Tokio Hotel is a German pop-rock-band founded in Magdeburg, Germany in year 2001, as just an underground local band there, with and un-released demo CD titled Devilish
  • Their 1st album released in 2005 titled Schrei (it means Scream in English), followed by their 2nd album which was also in Deutsch, titled Zimmer 483 (means Room 483) in year 2007
  • They released their first English album late 2007 with surprisingly the same title as their first album, but in English language, Scream.. and followed by another English album last year, 2009, titled Humanoid
(all album cover pics googled from the net)
  • The band member consists of singer Bill Kaulitz and his identical twin brother Tom Kaulitz as guitarist, drummer Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing as the bassist.
  • They're going to perform live in Malaysia, in a few more days, this upcoming May 1st at 1Utama Shopping Complex, exclusively presented by Universal Music Malaysia in partnership with TM.
    And the best part is that...
    ..I got two free tickets for it ! 
    Woottt! Wooott!!
    p/s: thank you very much to my buddy, SR !! muahsss!!

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