Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Hangover

Due to recent 2010 MTV Movie Awards, hubby insisted that I watched it last night.
 This 2009 comedy genre movie is about 4 friends travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party..
..woke up the next morning not remembering a thing..
..lost the groom..
..found a chicken in the hotel room..
 ..oh and a baby in the closet..
The guys then had to trace back their activities..
..from series of last night's events.. order to locate their missing friend..
 ..and be back in time for the wedding the day after.
It's a hilarious movie, great to release your stress and to laugh out loud..
..but, you must be well prepared for some nudity and plenty of foul language.

(pics googled from the net)


  1. Very funny movie! Good choice!
    ...When he comes out of the trunk of the car!!! Soooo funny!

  2. u serious?
    my hubby too burst out laughing with teary eyes!
    how can u laugh???
    well, believe it or not, i was not laughing at all!
    instead i was cringing at my seat thinking on how much it hurts to get beaten by the metal crowbar!!

  3. Serious. I was too distracted by the surprise of him coming from the trunk to think about the crowbar beating. I was already laughing so much that the beating did not bother me.

  4. Yup, funny n kewl movie. Watched it 3 months ago twice! =)


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