Friday, June 18, 2010

What should I get for father's day ?

I can't think !!
I'm completely out of ideas.. seriously !
I need to prepare for both, my own father, and the father to my kids a.k.a my hubby of course!

Ok, let's go through the list of things

My dad :
  • Latest was his birthday last year, the Coach Embossed Men's Wallet
  • Croc's Sandal (done!)
  • Massage Chair (used only the first few weeks, and then now became a museum artifact. 
  • Fishing Rod (he got plenty the one I gave was not up to his standard, so, used once and then I don't know where it is.. take note: don't even bother giving anything relates to fishing as he knows better)
  • Tie(s), Pen(s), Belt, Cufflinks (been there, done that.. and no need anymore as my dad has retired)
  • Customised Mug, T-shirts, Card, Car sticker, name card holder, paper weight, frame etc  (done! done! and done!)
  • Handphone (gave him a 3G Sony Ericsson but he ended up using the basic nokia ones - not that savvy)

My hubby :
  • Paul Smith tie (gave this year's anniversary)
  • Cufflinks - specially made starwars storm troopers helmet (gave last year)
  • Nike shoes (done, and he has plenty)
  • Sandal (he just bought Crocs)
  • Lacoste polo shirt (done!)
  • Penguin munsingwear polo shirt (done!)
  • Starwars logo (done!)
  • Book (he just bought one 2 days ago about self help rationalizing thingy book)
  • Handphone (he just changed to latest Motorola Droid)
  • Laptop (again, he just got the latest Macbook)
  • Wallet (don't bother, he has his own streetwear brand, I forgot the name Visvim !
  • Bag, either laptop bag or camera bag (don't bother either as he has tons of them from Crumpler, Visvim and Baicyclon bagjack.
  • Belt (gave Coach braided leather belt recently)
Ohhh this is sooo hard..
Hmm.. I'm gonna continue to update this accordingly..

Whoever out there that stumbled upon my blog and is reading this, kindly leave comment and suggestion.
Because, I am desperate!

Thanks in advance!


  1. Susah tu...all areas had covered..maybe this time around not a material things...a treat to spa maybe..massage ker. A day off driving ker :P

  2. how about PERFUME!
    to both of them...
    tak nampak pon u list kan :)

  3. verde > perfume dah!
    sorry.. i forgot to include it.
    gave hubby eternity for men last year's anniversary.
    and gave dad Mont Blanc men set (perfume, after shave, lotion etc) about 2 yrs ago!

  4. nurman > great idea, but not spa coz my dad has his favourite massage place.
    maybe i'll bake a cake for them both.
    as it's been some time since i last bake!


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