Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dressing up my wisdom

It's true.
When you have it, you can't eat.
You can't sleep.
You can't even talk, coz the slight jaw movements hurts like hell.
No wonder they said it's the 2nd most unbearable pain after the childbirth!

I don't really have that huge of a hole.
My wisdom tooth just has its own compound.

Due to the spacious lot, it gets very inviting for regular campers, if you get what I mean.
Slowly decaying the lower part of the tooth and injuring the gums and nerves!
But never fear, I have my dentist here, promptly dressing up the wisdom tooth, and relieving the pain..hoorraaayyy !

But she said that when the dressing wore off after 5 months, it would be best to just remove it. Any of you done that before? Let me know how it felt.

I haven't been to this dentist for the past 3 years as I've been visiting the Klinik Kesihatan KJ.
So it really surprises me to see such upgrades, with the plasma tv and all.

Simply adds the confident feeling , don't you think so?

However, I'm still wondering if there is a dental clinic for kids whereby the dentist and nurses don't wear mask, as this really scares them.
I'm planning to take my kids for a checkup but I really hope to find a kids-friendly ambiance.


  1. I've had my wisdom teeth out, but well before any problems. It will probably be a lot sensitive for you since it's already compacted. I was loopy all day (stayed home from school - back in high school) and my mouth and cheeks were swollen. I was also really hungry that evening and ate solid food that I shouldn't have. It didn't hurt to eat but it didn't stay down.

    Also, I don't expect you'll find a dentist office where they don't wear masks. That's usually a requirement for sanitary purposes.

  2. oh cynthia!!!
    u know, my jaw felt swollen for two days after this dressing!
    i couldn't munch properly on this side as it still hurts, heck, even yawning hurts! LOL
    but now everything is back to normal.. pheww..

    yup, u are right, i may not find the kiddy dentist.. but hope to find such place with more kiddies wall decor looks, perhaps.. that's the least they could do.. right? hehe


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