Sunday, January 23, 2011

Abacus - checked!

Yup, as soon as it was mentioned yesterday that the standard one students will be using the Abacus in Maths, here's mommy rushing out to buy one this very instant!

Wooden Abacus , RM 59.95 @ Parkson.
Now mommy need to surf the net and learn how to use it!


  1. I just bought Amsyar's Abacus from his school comes in the package with all the buku tulis... Just a plain one and smaller...i pun kena belajar camana nak gunz abacus ni!

  2. salam sis
    suka la baca your stories about amin
    i am a year 1 teacher but takde experience hantar anak masuk skolah,sometimes to mmg wonder apa perasaan parents yg anak msuk year 1
    sekarang baru tau camne parents rasa hantar anak ke tahun 1..especially first child :)

  3. ha-ah JEM!
    i'm searching for the smaller ones for him to bring to school, but the bookshop has no stock yet.

    dah jumpa yg besaq ni, kalau tak gheti pakai gak, tak tau laa nak kate ape..hehe..
    ni adik nye yg dok main-main plak!

  4. thanks fara for dropping by my blog!
    glad u're enjoying it and congrats for being a teacher!
    i believe the standard one teacher must be the hardest of all because it's the kids transition period to adapt to the real-school world.
    i salute you for your patience!

  5. thanks sis
    its true..not easy being a standard 1 teacher..
    me baru lagi, baru 3 tahun..patience to mmg kena tip toplah..hehe..imagine have to handle 30-35 boys yang mcm2 kerenah(me teaching at an all boys school)
    and plus now we have the new curriculum..wish me luck eh :)


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