Monday, February 21, 2011

Rosy cheeks, like Pikachu !

Thanks to Clinique, I can finally get in touch with my feminine side.
How lame does that sound?
Well, to be honest, I am not the make-up kinda person, so, applying blusher is really a huge deal for me.
And thus I must share/ blog about this fabulous finds.

This is Clinique Quick Blush.
Some of you may have known about this long time ago, so just give me a break for newly discovering it, ok!
Anyway, the best thing about this is that the brush and blusher are both inside the stick.
You don't have to worry about misplacing the brush, or squashing the blusher with the brush because they are at opposite ends.
It is just slightly larger than the average sized lipstick. 
And yes mam, you really can apply the blusher as fast and as efficient as possible.

Here's the brush, cleverly hidden inside the stick.

And the blusher on the other side of the cap.

How to use it?
Here's the guidelines from Clinique
  • With package closed, simultaneously twist the base clockwise and cap counter-clockwise so the brush picks up cheek colour contained inside cap.
  • Lift off cap and lightly tap brush to remove excess.
  • Sweep on apples of cheeks, gently blending colour up cheekbone toward temple.

It comes in 6 shades, which of course, I have to get more than one because it's so hard to get by.
Nope, not available in Malaysia my dear..
Lousy Clinique Malaysia for not bringing this in.
I had to get it from abroad.
But it is all worth it.

(pikachu pics googled from the net, clip from youtube)


  1. oh yer...kena carik gak ni....

  2. eh adalah babe..i am on my 2nd stick already. Always readily available kat all clinique counter. I'd blog about this before

  3. i know u ada blog..
    tapi taktau beli mana.
    i tanya kat clinique 1utama yg kat area depan tu, dia yg ckp takde..
    ini i tau sebab my sis in law beli kat clinique in Dubai!

  4. Adaaa loor...

    Hahahahaha aku rs minah OU tuh yg bengap..

    Kalau isetan siap susun semua suh aku try...

    Actually i always love clinique in isetan be i garden or klcc permurah friendly syiokkk

  5. Well, having rosy cheeks in the cold winter makes me very uncomfortable. I will follow these tips to get rid of rosy cheeks.


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