Monday, April 04, 2011

My work of art

Wow, it took me quite some time to post this up.
I completely forgotten about it.
It has been long saved as "draft" in my dashboard.
Remember this post Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 ?
About me and my quest to sow beads onto my baju raya?
Well, here's the end result.
Which I managed to complete it a day before the Eid-ul Fitr.
I haven't wear this baju kurung to work, yet..
..or to any event after the Eid-ul Fitr for that matter.
Well, maybe because I am a bit ashamed of my work of art which looked very messy, I supposed.
I tried to make a so called 3D flower but I'm not that skilled at all.
I have no book to read about.
Neither do sites on the net to look for guidelines.
It's all just a matter of looking at some googled beading pictures and straight away do it onto the baju without testing it out on some random cloth.
What do you think?
Got any tips on beading, perhaps?

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