Sunday, December 04, 2011

Carousel at Pavilion KL

There's always something creative at Pavilion KL.
There was once the balloon fest.
Then there was the bubble snow last christmas.
And now, it's the carousel.

Ok, so you may ask what is the big deal about the carousel?
Well, that's precisely it.
Nothing out of the ordinary anyway.
Just a small merry-go-round.
With horses and carriage.
In the middle of the mall.

Enough to satisfy all mommies and kids.
Made us gawk with awe at the lights, the musical sounds, the pretty christmas candy-licious decor surroundings.

Creating a force strong enough to hypnotised us in spending RM5 per child for the carousel ticket.
Nothing is free anymore in this world, hunney!

Arif was scared.
But no big deal really because he was always like this on first time basis.

Amin was excited and actually ran towards the spinning cup booth.

But as usual, it was mommy who went bonkers.


  1. I like carousel too!! I secretly hope I could pass onto one, but heck nooo. ;p

  2. That carousel is so pretty!! So festive :)

  3. absolutely agree with Ayu.
    buat muka tak malu je laa mommy buyong naik carousel ni.. hahaha..

  4. thanks Katherine!
    may u and mr.hubby have a wonderful celebration and great year ahead!


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