Wednesday, September 10, 2014

20 Facts About Myself

Sooner or later, I may have to close this blog.
It's already September and I'm not even blogging monthly anymore.
Getting lazier by the minute.
I have forgotten the real reason for this blog.
I used to be very passionate about life and love to share it with everybody.
And this blog is used to record them.
So that I will not forget.
So that my kids will not forget.

Anyway, I've been tagged by @kerengga_kurus from instagram for this challenge;
20 Facts About Myself. 
So, get your buckets/ pail & ready to puke, coz here are the facts about me that all paparazzi are dying to know. 
  1. I believe in channeling positive vibe to myself therefore i picked the nickname jelita78 in 1998, assuming that i am gorgeous. (Sila muntah sekarang) *jelita is a Malay word which means beautiful person.
  2. I was too naive & used the nick cokecool in IRC era without realising that it has similar slang to drug usage. 
  3. I had 7 boyfriends & married the 8th 
  4. I saved Le-hubby from the headache & suspense of proposing to me from the top of the Eiffel. I went ahead & started our wedding preparation. (Giller nak kawen, boleh? It's actually pure instinct jodoh laa konon) 
  5. I watched Titanic in cinemas for 7 times. 
  6. I have a dream of pursuing masters & want to study in UK. I applied the recent Pasca Mara but failed. 
  7. I wanted to become an MAS stewardess, to travel around the world but i was way too sexy for their slit-kebaya-skirt.
  8. I am ever so grateful to have performed the Hajj with my parents at the age of 23. Now i wish to go again with Le-hubby. 
  9. Le-hubby said i looked like anak-orang-asli when I was 4-6yo in the old family album. Thus i consider myself the living proof of the ugly duckling (dipersilakan utk muntah lagi) 
  10. When i was 7-8yo, i wore the petticoat (kain dalam) just like a normal skirt because the laces trim are just so pretty. Yeah, believe me when i claimed that i was actually the muse for Versace. 
  11. I dressed like a tomboy beginning of highschool and i hated high heels. I only started wearing them to work. 
  12. I was a pramaholic a.k.a stroller addict. I have bought & sold about 40 pieces of strollers/ car seats. I am a member of the strollersandprams forum & have made several stroller reviews. Go check them out if you ever interested in strollers. 
  13. I have a blog but haven't updated it much lately. It's incase you want something to put you to sleep.  
  14. I have bought & sold more than 120 handbags since y2007. Currently i own only 20. I'm an ebayer & a user. Feel free to look at my great pre-loved bargains under the same nick; jelita78.
  15. My first branded handbag was Coach Hamptons Business Tote Carryall bought by Le-hubby in y2007. Little did he knew this was whats triggered my bag addiction. 
  16. I buy multiples of something that i adored, i.e; Coach Madison Sabrina Satchel which i ended up buying SEVEN of them but in different colours. And JovianRTW kurung modern that i ended up with more than THIRTY pieces at once. 
  17. I own two pairs of Christian Louboutin pumps but my feet couldn't find comfort in them. Never should have bought it in the first place. Now sayang nak jual pulak. 
  18. I have queued for a Birkin bag at Hermes KL boutique a few years back. I have received the call. But i am nowhere affordable for it. I'm just thrilled to be in the list & to experience how the system works. I have in the end managed to buy something Hermes. It's the necktie. Still something from the orange house to be excited about. 
  19. I posses the supermom powers of folding clothes & packing for trips. Yeah, i think i want more kids too. 
  20. I finally managed to fit back into my 11years old wedding outfits last week. After loosing 11kg from HCG diet. Did the no sugar, no carbs and no oily foods for almost 60 days since the month of Sya'ban. This is my greatest achievement considering that i am a chocolate slave and i love baking cakes! Now, to maintain the weight, is another challenge. Glad that my latest heartthrob has initiated the #fitmalaysia campaign,terus semangat nak exercise. 
Thats it! 
I'm done! 
Wow! Such a lengthy post indeed. 
Hmmm facts # 21. I definitely have way too much to say about myself. LOL.

Hope that you enjoyed getting to know me.
Would love to get to know you back.
So, please tag me once you have done yours. 


  1. Amazing facts about you I would say. Bravo Jelita, keep doing the crazy things like wearing inner blouse in public haha

  2. facts no 6 and 7 exactly same like mine ..

  3. idoklaaaa nak buang tebiat mcm tu sekarang ni NURMAN weii.. hahaha..
    next, please do your 20-facts plak pleaseeeee

  4. haha.. kan LiLY kannn...


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