Monday, October 17, 2016

Getting it right at Hannan Medispa Putrajaya

Hannan Medispa Putrajaya
Hannan Medispa Putrajaya
I was indeed very blessed to be invited by Dr. Nazatul to her Hannan Medispa Putrajaya open day today.
This is the 12th Hannan branches nationwide and they gave special promo beauty package deal that for the very first time ever, came with not only facial regime, but also teeth whitening package from the renowned Izra Dental Clinic Putrajaya.
Simply because they know that no matter how glowing and flawless your face looks, if you have yellow teeth, errkk, fail laaa sisthurrr kannn.

Whatttt is this!!!??
Helloooo.. anybody in there?? Hahaha
Ohh emmm geee! Is that me! *gasp*
This time, I got my visit done right!
The attending skin analyst, Dr.Thahirah gave me the full blown on my skin condition.
Hahh, terkejut makk tengok muka sendiri.
Pocong pon lari lintang pukang kot.
I found out that my skin actually has 7 times oily rate than it shud be.
Which means i am NOT suitable to undergo the oxycryo package that gives full blown oxygen onto the skin cells, because that will make it more oily!
Of course I will enjoy the suppleness feeling of the skin texture but it will soon resulted to more oil glans.
This shows how important it is to have the skin analyse properly by a real doctor so that the correct treatment can be applied.

Dr.Nazatul, the owner of Hannan Medispa Putrajaya
Fatma thinking on what packages to sign up for
illa and i so happy to have found a friendly and reliable spa!
My worry is on skin pigmentation and wrinkles hence i will be doing my silk peel whitening next week.
Yup, already have my facial spa slot booked for treatment.
While Fatma @temaomar will be doing her oxycryo session, since she has very dry skin.
Follow me for blog updates next week.
Have a great week, ya'ols!!

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