Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank you AYAH !!

We had an eventful weekend.
Weddings and akikah and birthday party invitations.
But no matter how tired we were, every moment counts and the most important thing is that we had loads of fun.
I'll blog about them all tomorrow, coz now, it's daddy's time!

Amin made this last night.

With detail plans for Batman logo on the front.
And Green Lantern on the inside.

The present, is this.

Hell no, not the watches!
But the 3-tier watch stand.. hahaha.
Yeah, he has been keeping them all scattered inside the drawer.
So, I thought it'll be pretty neat to give him this.

Now that's been taken care of, not to forget about the greatest man in my life, my dearest Ayah.

He's such a sweet man.
With sweet tooth!
So, it was easy to please.

Specially made chocolate with less sugar and baked almond with bluberry fillings!
Ohhhhhhh.. I know!!
Sounds heavenly, isn't it?
Yup, you too can get it custom made from Chenie Chocolate.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers around the world !


  1. nomeinya logo batman tuh.qyum suka buat logo superman

  2. alaaaa awak.. anak kita tak gheti buat logo superman.. huhu..

  3. pandai nyer amin draw... n tulisan so kemas!

    anyway, happy fathers day to ur dad & hubby!

  4. thanks nini!
    tu laaa Amin ni memang kemas! siap letak jari nak selang ayat tu.. haha..

  5. So sweeet la your son! hehe

  6. thanks leoness!
    he's getting bigger now and can think by himself and come up with such amazing ideas.

  7. aida, mana nak beli watch stand tu? rasa cam nak beli gak, senang nak susun jam kan biar tak bersepah.


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