Friday, June 17, 2011

I saw the sign

I see signs everyday.
I'm sure you do too.

 Not only because I commute to work..
..that I get to see this everyday of the week..
..while queuing to board the train..

..while standing patiently, waiting for my destination..

..and while waiting for the building lift to go up to the office.

I'm sure you've seen all those signs before.
They are very common indeed.
And you can simply google to see weird/ funny signs around the world.
As for me, I found this directly from the staircase of the office! 
 Plain weirdo? Or purely funny?

Have a fabulous weekend, ya all !!


  1. muhahahaha siannn la lipas tu ada lung cancer!

  2. i actually snapped the notice as well... tapi mana ntah i postkan, facebook kot!

    mmg lawak k!

  3. hi leoness!
    hah, kesian lipas lipas kat office i ni.. hehe

  4. ha-ah nini!
    dah lama dah notice ni, tapi baru skarang nak letak.. haha


What say you?


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